Discouraging At Best

Written by: Donald Tolbert | SFL Sports Blogger

At best the past 2 weeks has been most discouraging. A moral killer heading into the season.
The worst has been that we witnessed the dismantling of this season before it got started.
The loss to Dallas in the manner it happened was unacceptable.

You tell us you have a teamfull of young men playing for a shot at their dreams of making a NFL roster and a baegal is all they can come up with. Is it the scheme they were given? Is it the players belief in what they are doing? Noting that not much scheming goes into a preseason game. What about the decisions made on the starting OL with your franchise QB in the game? Did they lead to your starting RB getting hurt and now out for the season?

Subordinates have WTF moments when it comes to leadership. Fans can hope the players didn't
have them after the game against Dallas. After the trade of Clowney you wouldn't be wrong to be
nervous about them having alot of WTF moments now. This defense has been the backbone of
this team the past few seasons lead by Clowney period. JJ Watt had been injured up until last
year. Now after a BS contract disputes where sources reported Clowney was content to take the
franchise tag come into camp late and play the season out, you trade him for kibbles and bits.
You dont think his brothers he has went to work with aren't looking around like WTF?

Clowney had no off the field issues. Loved by his teammates and he loved his teammates by
all public accounts. Loved this city and franchise by all public accounts. He just like all other top
tier players wanted to be paid accordingly for his services. You thought highly enough of him to
draft him #1 but not highly enough to respect his business mentality. Hummmm ok. Fans have
to hope this flat management structure doesn't turn into flat footed players when it comes to
instructions given by this coach. Even the good guys like to kick it with the rebels.

The clock is ticking on 2019-2020 season. Who else's Texans tenure will time run out on.
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