Glimpses Not Fading

Written by: Donald Tolbert | SFL Sports Blogger 

The glimpses the Texan's show of greatness are not so far and few in between anymore. This
season has been a steady trek of improvement. Whether it be play calling or game management.
Its been going on.

The Texans are a 58 yard field goal away from being undefeated. Inside that possibility is also
some damn good football being played. Octo-hop hasn't had his break out moment yet, but
D4 has been electric and brilliant while carving up defenses. Remember those offensive line
problems that strangled the air out of training camp? Yeah never mind that. That convo has
turned into they just need cohesion. No Lamar Miller no problem. Hyde and Johnson have been
more than serviceable.

Now I swallow my tongue and admit the catalyst to all this is your head coach. The one and only
Teapot O'Brien. As the Texans close out the first quarter of the season against the Panther's,
in a game in which they will be the favorite to win. He must be given credit, one for his game
planning and execution. Two for the moves he made in the off season. MerciWe wouldn't be in
the position he is in to shine without those moves. The offensive line wouldn't be considered an
accomplishment without those moves. Dont forget the QB whisperer Carl Smith was brought in
to aid D4's progression. Could it all be working out? I'll always give credit where it's due and I will
roast that azz when roasting is required. So far I must say, credit.

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