Legends Night Out

Written by: Donald Tolbert | SFL Sports Blogger

The city was lit up Wenesday Feb. 6. Not just turned up as usual. Why, you ask? The legends of sport were on the move throughout the city. Turning old blocks, and making pits stops at old spots. Reliving days when mission accomplished were just goals, dreams, and hard work.

 The allure of past greatness. It gets the current stars yearning for that championship feeling. It opens the eyes of Houstonians to the to the start studded past the city has provided the world of sports. If your an football fan you know Dan Pastorini, but you might not know that A.J. Foyt one F1 racing greats is a native Houstonian. A boxing fan would surely know George Foreman has roots here, but might not know of golf great Jack Burke Jr. roots in the city.

 The Houston Sports Awards continue to highlights the treasured history of Houston sports, while also honoring the current greatness around us. The Mer‐ cedes Benz Blue Carpet was a site to behold. So much star power in one place it felt as if the secret service should be onsite. The night was one to remember. The Harris County Sports Authority outdid themselves again. Shout out to the HCSA committee voters. The HOF class and award recipients were second to none. Special shout out to Mrs. Patti Smith for leading the charge on the event and for having us as well.

Cant wait until next year when you all make us fall in love with the city of Houston sports all over again.

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