Expansion in Ice Cube's BiG3

Written by: B. Keith "Grizz" Crear | SFL Photographer/Sports Blogger

As we prepare for season 3 of The BiG 3, there have been some new additions and expansions within the league. And its some pretty DOPE ones we might add. Lamar Odom, and Gilbert Arenas has agreed to play in the BiG 3 league for the upcoming 2019 Season. Along with the new player additions, 4 new teams have been added to the expansion lineup as well. 

The BIG3 is expanding from 8 teams to 12. The first expansion team announced was the Triplets, who will be coached by former WNBA star, Lisa Leslie. Joining Triplets as the second official expansion team is Aliens. The Bivouac and The Enemies were the last 2 teams added. 2019 will be another
season of entertaining basketball. 

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