Thursday Night Shutout

Written by: Keith "Grizz" Crear | SFL Photographer/Sports Blogger 

Last night the New Orleans Saints marched into the AT&T Stadium in Dallas to take on the Cowboys, and boy was it a SHOCKING game. The outcome was not like what most analysis were expecting. On paper, the Saints were favored to blowout or at least beat the Cowboys, but the total opposite happened. For a team to average 37pts a game and to be shut out to only 10pts says something about the opposing team’s defense..........and that is.................


Payton should have played Taysom Hill more because Brees was struggling last night. I MEAN struggling like a Toyota Corolla stuck in a mudslide struggling.  Alvin Kamara and Mark Ingram had a total combine yards of 63yrds against the Dallas line. (Maaan,Whaaaat!) This shows how effective the defense was last night.

Leighton Vander Esch and Jaylon Smith both had 6 tackles a piece and were an ABSOLUTE TERROR. The rookie Vander Esch was EVERYWHERE. He was covering the field like a lone wolf protecting it’s territory; and I mean that figuratively and physically.

The Saints did NOT play their game and they lost. Simple as that. Drew could not get going. Payton blew both Challenge Flags in the first half. This was not the "normal" Saints team. It seemed like New Orleans was not mentally prepared. They had way too many penalties along with dropped passes and miscommunication behind the ball. That Dallas pressure was STRONG!

“Brees can’t handle all the confusion in the pocket, because of his height”.  -Big Sarge

There will be talks about the missed calls by the refs of the Kamara helmet to helmet tackle, Beasley's firstdown knee debacle and the face mask of Dak. With years of officiating that stood on the field last night, the NFL really needs to crack down on bad calls and missed penalties. Those type of calls could potentially change the outcome of games.

So, now that the Cowboys beat the Saints and broke their 10 game win streak, did they find the blueprint on how to beat the Saints? As one of my fellow analyst, Big Sarge of Big Sarge Sportz, said to me this morning, “ Brees can’t handle all the confusion in the pocket, because of his height”. And he is absolutely correct because last night proved it.  

Are the Cowboys showing their potential of being in sync? As you remember, In 2009, the Cowboys, shutdown the Saints perfect season. The Cowboys defense played GREAT against the offensive powerhouse, New Orleans Saints. With this win, The Cowboys (7-5) are ahead in their division and the Saints(10-2) are still on top in theirs with the second loss of the season. 

Final score of Thursday Night Football: Cowboys 13, Saints 10.

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