A North Star

Written by: Donald Tolbert | SFL Sports Blogger

In these times of turmoil it's hard to see the light right in front of you. If you look a bit harder it's there. The Rockets really have weathered the storm that has been the beginning of this season. A suspension that we all would've taken when we learned the root cause.

Word to the wise. Don't ever spit on somebody unless you want that smoke. Another hamstring issue that luckily only impeded the process of growing cohesiveness on this new look Rockets team. You know, not prevent them from going to the NBA finals or anything major like that. I digress. The Rockets over the last 6 or 7 games have actually been top 5 in the league on defense.

The struggle has been to find an offensive flow for the squad. We know that will come. They have been searching out rotations. Chris Paul has struggled with his shot, which he seemed to find in the last game against Indiana. That was also their first home win of the season. I haven't even mentioned the bull frog on the dance floor.

Carmelo Anthony came here knowing he would play a supporting role. I have heard nothing negative come from the coach or the front office about him and how he has conducted himself while here. Which to be honest we probably wouldn't any if it was going on. So I'll say this, stay down or move around. No I'll will.

I still believe that Carmelo can play a major role on this team, and actually think he could be used better than he has. I'm not on the he's washed bandwagon. The real life about though is he has to commit to it. Awww the north star. It has two names Gary Clark Jr. and Jeff Bzdelik. Clark has been a pleasant surprise offensively and was already a known defensive commodity. His sheer ability to play at this level while not being affected by the moment has been impressive.

Jeff Bzdelik, the orchestrator of the defensive machine that was the last year Rockets has agreed to return. The soul reason why defense went from being a curse word to an expectation around here has returned. Which one brings back one of the best defensive minds to help groom our new additions and two adds another piece to the chemistry we are trying to rekindle. So my red nation potnas. Hold your head to the North Star. We are headed in the right direction.

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