2nd Half of the Rollercoaster

Written by: Donald Tolbert | SFL Sports Blogger

It's been quite a ride thus far. Peaks and valleys, twist and turns, cuts and hamstrings. (Pun intended) As we have took the last week to level off, it's back to business in the Nation's Capitol. This in my eyes should be a no doubt victory for the Texans.

This game will speak to the focus and discipline of this team as a unit. There's no position on the field where the Texans dont have the better players. You could've said the OL prior to last week. With the injuries that occurred, that's a wash now. AP might have the advantage at RB braised on name and this season alone. Last year you would've took Miller over AP.

 It's been a lengthy layoff for the squad. Plenty time to heal, reflect, and re-calibrate for the task at hand. The Texans have just as many positives coming out of this break as they did going into the break. Overcoming the hole they put themselves in to be in a position to control their own destiny in the second half of the year. Time to take breath and heal some lingering wounds.

They will have the bulk of their key players back in the line up if not today by next weeks Monday Night showdown. All in all the ride has been as exhilarating as expected to this point. In honor of Travis Scott and Astroworld Fest, He'd say "Its Lit". Now it's on to the climax and conclusion portion of this ride.

Let's get it! #GoTexans #Starzgazing #Bullsgrazing

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