Time For Expansion

Written by: Donald Tolbert | SFL Sports Blogger

My fellow Texans fans and I do say my fellow, as we have traveled this long road together. The days of 19-10 being all we need to make the season one of value is well behind us. It's time to expand our vision and our expectations. The rollercoaster that was the regular season has stopped. It's the playoffs baby!! It is now time to go to work.

This is the business part of the season. For a long time we as Texans fans have been in the business of participating. I'm a 80's baby, that don't work for me. I grew up in a time where we got ribbons with 1st, 2nd, 3rd place and so on on field day. We weren't out there just to participate. We as Texans fans have been in the business of building. Well, the ark has been built. It's time to see if this thing floats. We have the pedigree or at least we think we do in all the places needed. There's no reason to expect anything less than everything. Why not now? We must do away with this awe is us mentality.

We have been patient, loyal, and financially persistent in our support of our Houston Texans. We have head‐ liners, phenoms and all pros. It's time to expand our operations to include the business of championships. An expansion team no more. I fully expect for us to beat the Colts! We are the better team. It seems as some folks feel as if we lucked up in the division championship and a better record. Well Luck and Colts are going to run out of NRG today with an L.

 Nothing personal, its business and the Colts are the first thing on the to do list. #GoTexans #BullsInDaYard #PlayoffPayoff

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