Always A Bridesmaid Never A Bride

Written by: Keith "Grizz" Crear | SFL Photographer/Sports Blogger

Now that the Texans were blew out in the 1st round AFC Wildcard Playoff game at NRG Stadium , what are the plans and changes for the organization for the 2019 season? There are a lot of things to consider since they loss to the Colts 7-21. Im still in shock. The fan me cried on the inside (and is still crying), but the blogger me KNEW this would happen because it seems to be our M.O. We all expected a shoot-out of some sorts. A battle of the "QB/WR duo" if you will, but got the total opposite.

Its the Cinderella story that got stop short before midnight. The Texans started the season, 0-3, came back with a 9 game win streak to finish with an 11-5 record, and to just lose in the first round is beyond me. Walking from the stadium Saturday night you could hear the frustrations of the fans. The tone of "We will never get past the first round", seems to signify that the fans are losing hope. So, you begin to wonder what was the breakdown that contributed to the loss. Was it the coaching? Was it Injuries? or Was it player performance?

Simply put, it was ALL 3. 

Standing on the sideline watching the game unfold Saturday evening was rough.  To watch them go down 21 points at the half was soul clutching.  Watson had a tough time connecting to receivers, D.Hop was double covered (which we knew would happen), the defense left the gate open for Luck to pick them apart, and O’Brien just wasn’t calling the right plays. Here is where I said earlier on in the season why the 9 game streak DIDN"T matter. It all comes down to performance. The 9 game streak wasn't the best of play. They either won by the opposing team mishap or by a field goal. There were about 3 games within that streak where they played like a team that wanted the ring. The wins made the record look good BUT did not do anything for the performance side of the win. They did not look like a Superbowl caliber team. 

As I stated earlier on in the season, The Texans need and have to find momentum and KEEP IT early  on in the games if they want to win. They tend to either, 1). Start off strong and then fizzle out in the second half, or 2). Start slow, and have to play catch-up in the second half. There NEVER seems to be a consistent sweet spot for them. Through-out the season, they struggled with Red-Zone conversions, broken plays and bad clock management, which all came out in Saturday’s game. The defense did an OK job even though they gave up 21 points in the first half, but they did contain the Colts to 0 points in the second. 

Yes, the Texans were plague with injuries this season and didn't have a #2 receiver. Will Fuller and Demaryius Thomas both were absent for this game, which did hurt, BUT here is where I have a lot of problems in these situations with not just the Texans, but EVERY team. Why wait till an injury comes about, to finally go through your roster to see what you have in the bench. Your line-up should be clockwork. Prime example, D’onta Foreman. Foreman is a power back that started to sprout in 2017 but tore his Achilles last season. After coming off of injury, has trained, and was ready to play, and didn’t get much playing time, WHICH HE SHOULD HAVE. I think he could have been a turning point for the Texans running the ball. I think with decisions like this is where the absence of an Offensive Coordinator is showing. O’Brien and the organization really need to look at an OC for 2019. They need to work on staying healthy all season in the off-season or they will always be “A Bridesmaid and Never a Bride”.

 So, with that in mind, this has led me to 5 things the Texans need to think about in the off-season. And this is solely my opinion.

1). Texans need to SERIOUSLY look at an Offensive Coordinator. The lack of one by far is killing us. The Texans can’t continue to be a 1st round show and go. Let O’Brien be a Head Coach. If you let him do that, then he won’t get so much flack about the losses and he can stop spewing the same “I got to do better coaching” rhetoric at the post game press interviews.

2). Let Watson BE Watson and have him build strong(er) relationships with the ENTIRE offense. The Texans can’t be a 1 trick pony,  and only offer a Watson-Hopkins show. The whole cast needs to be on board with the Director (Watson), so that when one falls, everybody else is in line and ready to pick up the slack to play at the same level. The crazy thing is that, the Texans have that ability currently. The Texans CAN BE AN OFFENSIVE POWERHOUSE.

3). Rotate the Backs out. Between Blue, Miller and Foreman, we have too much power in the back field to not BE FEARED. Our run game should be 100 times better than what it is. Opposing teams should be confused and constantly on their toes when it comes to our offense. 

4). Get a new friggin Playbook. I mean we played so damn conservative all season. The Texans have too much talent to be running the same plays. They play the same way against EVERY Team. Again they currently have the ability and talent to make teams fear them. 

5). Get a solid damn Offensive Line. We have been lacking this since forever. The only way Watson can have time to connect with receivers and the Backs can break out is if, we have an offensive line that can keep the pocket protected and open holes long enough for play execution. Every since we lost Duane Brown, which was the last piece of the start of an offensive line, we have struggled MORE. Watson is a good quarterback and is on this way to being a great, BUT he can’t make the plays if he doesn’t have time to execute or make adjustments if he is constantly on his toes.

I really think the Texans can win a SuperBowl. in the near future, but if they dont’ start making some REAL adjustments here, they will forever be JUST first round contenders.  

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