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Written by: Donald Tolbert | SFL Sports Blogger

All seasons begin with a magical aura of possibilities around them. On the other hand all seasons end with the realities of your teams status. This one was no different. It's been a long week. No sports radio, tv, or internet for me. The fan in me had to take time to heal and come to grips with some of the realities about the Houston Texans. I didn't want to hit ya'll with a bunch of post game hate.

 The reality is the Texans as constructed currently did about as much as they could be expected to do. There are a few could haves out there. Could Demaryius Thomas have made a difference as a vet on the field in the last game? Could D'Onta Foreman have contributed more and early than he did, possibly aiding in locking up the first round bye? Could Rac have been more aggressive on defense forcing quicker decisions by Luck? And on and on you could go, but the truth is the Texans hit their cealing for this year. The failings of this team were known from day one and they came to fruition.

The offensive line we all knew was not up to par. All off season they were hunting for gap fillers. It was the talk of the town all camp. Yet this front office failed to rectify the situation. Its particularly disappointing because you have a franchise QB and your forcing him to do more with less vs giving him the resources need to reach his full potential. It's easy for me to say by any means you have to make this happen. It's not my money that's being spent. We will find out what's it's all about for this franchise fairly soon. Is it about business or is it about competing for a championship? We all knew the questions surrounding Bill O'Briens ability to one manage games, and two utilize Deshaun Watson in a way that would access his best attributes while developing him overall as a QB. At the end of this season those questions still remain.

When down in games we watched this offense open up to come back and win games. Watson was one of the best in the league in bringing his team back when down in the fourth quarter. When ahead in games we watched this offense stall and go into hang on for fear life mode. There has to be be a formula for dominance somewhere in the balance.

A formula O'Brien has not unlocked or does not have in his repertoire. It's time to give another offensive mind a chance to pursue this dominance. From game planning to in game execution O'Brien has been out classed by his peers in big moments time after time. This last lost to the Colts was just the latest display on a national stage. The Texans were relatively healthy this year when it comes to there major players on the team.

These opportunities are not guaranteed. You have to seize them. The Texans organization failed to do that this year. We are going to see going forward what competing for a championship really means to this organization. Not many thought into the season that the Texans were a super bowl team. At the end of this season everyone knows they are not far away.

Your move Brian Gaine. #GoTexans #Bulls@DaHouse

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