Whatever However

Written by: Donald Tolbert | SFL Sports Blogger 

Its typically matters how you go about getting a W in the NFL. Today for the Houston Texans, it doesnt. The Texans are a much better team than the Giants.

Literally you go position by position better. Today! It just doesn't matter. We know this offense has prolific potential and the defense could dominate in a distinguishing fashion with the talent it possesses. Today! It doesn't matter.

We know there will be a moment when we look at Bill O'Brien like he just slapped our fresh bowl of chili out of our hands and walked away like nothing happened. Today! It dont matter. Final score 3-2, 43-40. It dont matter.

 Today it's about this W period!! The Texans need something to build on. The current foundation has not held anything together. We as fans need a dose of progression for our Monday morning office dialogue. If not, the tearing of the house down will begin.

 #GoTexans #ItDontMatter

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