So, What's next?

Written by: Keith "Grizz" Crear | SFL Photographer/Sports Blogger

After watching the post game wrap-up of Sunday's game against the @nygiants, Coach O'Brien had that look in his eyes like he is ready to throw in the towel and leave. He seems to be on autopilot. His post game commentary is basically all the same, no real solutions to the bad conventional and conservative game play, because he may have lost his enthusiasm. He looks like he is just running through the playbook like a student who is skimming a chapter until class is over.   

So my question is this.... What's Next? What Happens NOW? Can WE turn it around?  

I mean, we all know the chances of a team coming off a 3 game deficit in the beginning of the season making the playoffs. Not saying it can't be done but its a very slim chance. Don't know why all the conventional and conservative play calling along with keeping Watson from his mobile game play, but I do know the Texans are headed down a long and VERY rough season. 

As I look at the schedule, we have the Cowboys this week and still need to face-off with the Jags and Colts. It's going to be tough. I REALLYYYY hope that O'Brien and the @houstontexans can turn this thing around. We are looooong overdue for an appearance at the big stage. We have done ENOUGH restructuring and roster updates over the past seasons. The fans NEED more, because If nothing changes, we will be like our previous team, The Oilers, and have a slew of empty seats in NRG.

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