Squeaky Wheel Please!

Written by: Donald Tolbert | SFL Sports Blogger 

I tried not to write again until my anger faded. That's not happening it appears, so your boy is back. Here we go again. It's the day before game and we have no clue what product we are going to see tomor‐ row. There's no way not to have hope for the best.

With the plethora of high quality players that will line up for the Texans tomorrow against the Giants. But it's time for hope to be over ruled by our expectations. The Patriots didn't become the NFL standard by hoping. You come to their organization knowing you have a set of expectations to meet or your time there will be short lived. Doesn't matter if you are a first round pick or a unsigned free agent. A highly touted football mind or the new analytics guru. You meet their expectations or you dont participate on their behalf period. Now there are blemishes on their franchise in the name of going too far, but never in the name of not doing enough.

 Say man! I'm tired of giving passes to subpar performances sh$!. I hear fans calling for Bill O'Brien to be fired everyday!! Why aren't the media heads of this city doing the same? Even though it wont happen or shouldn't happen. There needs to be heat felt when it comes to not representing this city right. You meet our expectations or get ya a&% on. You have one job and it's to prepare this team for all possible situations on any given Sunday. I dont wanna hear that's the first time we've seen that or were gonna have to go back and look at that.

Bulls#%$! Stay ready or get ya a#$ on. So my media head friends keep your plea bargains and get in line with this city expectations or get ya a@$ on. Bob Mcnair this goes for you too. Get your team in step with this city's expectation or sell the franchise to J Prince and Brad Jordan. In other words get ya a&% on! This has been my contribution to the diamond I wish to see. This has not been said to create a bad plumbing situation.

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