Texas Showdown: Texans vs Cowboys

Written by: Keith "Grizz" Crear | SFL Photographer/Sports Blogger 

As the 4th week of preseason clock is ticking down, the I-45 showdown is brewing in Houston for some Thursday night football in Texas. The Cowboys make their journey to the NRG Stadium to face off with the Houston Texans tonight at 7pm for the finale of Pre-season.

 After a close loss against there Rams last week in los Angeles, the Texans are looking to gain another win to spruce up their Pre-Season record. If they win tonight, they will be 3-1. What will be interesting is to see a quick QB pass-off between Dak and Deshaun. Im pretty sure the stadium fans are definitely looking for that game play. If they do touch the turf, it will definitely be for a brief second due to regular season starting.

Since tonight’s game is known as the “scout’s game,” the preseason finale will be very interesting. It is a last opportunity for players to make some good impressions on why they should stay , or make the case league-wide as to why they would be a beneficial addition elsewhere.

4 players to keep an eye on are Josh Keyes, Vyncint Smith, Tyler Ervin and Joe Webb. All 4 players bring something of value to the table to benefit the Texans. Let’s hope the Houston keeps enough roster space for 3 QB’s. The thought of having another mobile quarterback on the squad that could pace behind Watson is a great idea. Even though we have the 9yr veteran Weeden, he is not a mobile back and that could be a detrimental problem if Watson was to get injured again or rest, which could potentially change the momentum of the game if its in our favor. With the 2018-19 season, O'brien and the front office need to be forward thinking and in preparation for a "Just-In Case" scenario.

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