Texans arrive in Greenbrier for Camp Today

The Texans arrived at The Greenbrier for training camp on Wednesday July 25, 2018. This is the second consecutive season of the Texans holding camp there. 

General Manager Brian Gaine is in his first training camp as the GM for the Texans since Smith stepped down. After a lackluster 4-12 record last season, he said every year is different and is looking forward to this season. 

"I wasn't here but this is a brand new season for us. We're 0-0 right now," Gaine said. "We should be humble and hungry. Lets face it we were 4-12 last year. Our team should be coming in here hungry and humble and ready to work."

As a Texans fans, I am super excited to see Deshaun Watson & JJ Watt return. Im ready to see what will Watson do this year after coming back from his ACL injury that he suffered last season. Gaine also said it was nice to have him back for camp. 

Gains said that it was nice to have Deshaun out there on offense as much as he could. With all the injuries its pretty dope to see all the guys back on the field. 

With Watson and fan favorite J.J. Watt returning from his knee injury, the 2018 season is promising.

Training camp begins today, July 26th at The Greenbrier Sports Performance Center 

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