Ball up! Squad Ready!

Written by: Donald Tolbert | SFL Sports Blogger

With Capella signed, the "Run It Back" season is official.

Of course with Daryl Morey at the helm, we can't call this roster complete. With the Melo arrival pending and Ryan Anderson's 20 mil per year for non usage contract still hanging over the organization's head. We know the wheels are turning behind the scenes. The Rockets have no doubtedly established what is their core for the next half a decade. Harden and Capella are the no brainers. Harden is in his prime, he is a legit superstar in this league, and will be a MVP contender every year he has on his current contract. Houstonians love a big man.

With Capela we have one of the best in the league. Especially when it comes to the role, that is designed for him on this team. He's young, hungry, and still ascending. Despite already being at a level that makes this team a championship contender. The so called gamble in this scenario and I intentionally say so called is Chris Paul. His age and health is the primary concern so I won't list his many accomplishments. I will point to two things that make my argument for peace with the decision to Rockets fans. 

Exhibit A: Eric Gordon. His career had been riddled with injuries until he arrived in Houston. Our medical staff is well respected around the league combined with culture of analytics. If there are any preventive measures to be taken to keep him healthy, they will be discovered and implemented. 

Exhibit B: This season. Paul showed that he is the leader in competitive will and basketball IQ on this team. For him to have accomplished what he has at his size in this league, his basketball IQ is unquestionable. How many times did we see him go to the line as soon as a team was in the penalty for fouls. You saw the three and the shimmy in Curry's face afterwards. We also watched him push Harden and hold him accountable. This was appreciated greatly not only by the fans, but most importantly by Harden. So there you have it. I could've said Jason Kid and Steve Nash. That was to easy though. Either way this squad is ready!

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