D'Onta Foreman Makes appearance at Childrens Museam

Written by Keith"Grizz"Crear | SFL Blogger/Photographer

As a new father, Texans running back D'Onta Foreman is cherishing and embracing every moment he spends with his 10-month-old daughter. She's named Nike after the Greek goddess of victory. Sports Fusion Live's (SFL) B. Keith Crear , was there on hand to follow him around the whole day as D'Onta visited the Childrens's Museum, The Forge for Family Center & Wheeler Baptist Church

"It's great," Foreman said Friday during an appearance at the Children's Museum of Houston. "I love being a parent. I love being around kids. My daughter has made me really think about what it is to be a father and to watch my child grow up.

"Me reaching back and touching the community and being a figure for younger kids growing up, I feel like it's wonderful. Anything I can do to give back and be in their presence, I'm willing to do that."

As third-round draft pick from Texas, Foreman grew up in Texas City. He has founded the D'Onta Foreman Family Foundation advocating for dads to become more involved in their children's lives. He spoke to kids and parents through out the day while signing autographs and taking pictures. He spoke on motivating the kids to finish school and go to college. A very inspirational moment for young impressionable minds

As Foreman gets ready for training camp on Wednesday, he says, "I've been spending a lot of time with her,"I know it's almost time for us to go to camp, so I'm spending as much time with her aas I can".  "Just watching her grow up and being somebody that can be a support system for her, having a child was life-changing for me."

While at the Children's Museum, Kids from all over the city came out in amazement for pictures and autographs. It was an amazing experience to watch and be apart of, as faces lit up with smiles. 

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