Ryans focuses on player development, not just mistakes


Written by: MAi'Ghen Storm | Photo credit: Brian Barefield

DeMeco Ryans is a patient coach who believes that players learn from their mistakes. He wants his players to be resilient and put mistakes behind them quickly so they can focus on the next play.

"It's going to happen, but it's all about how resilient are you to put that mistake aside, play the next play," Ryans said. "Just because there's one bad play, we don't want one bad play to become two, three, linger throughout a game."

Ryans said that he doesn't need to say much to players when they make mistakes. Most NFL players know what they did wrong and have already corrected it in their minds. Ryans prefers to focus on film study and helping players develop their skills.

"Yeah, most of those are film things," Ryans said. "But, with our players, and most NFL players, they know before a coach can say anything. They know exactly what mistake they made, and they've already corrected that in their minds, so, not a lot you have to say to a player when he does make a mistake."

The Texans' first preseason game is on August 10 against the New England Patriots. Ryans is excited to see how his team performs and how they respond to mistakes.

"We're going to make mistakes," Ryans said. "But it's how we respond to those mistakes that's going to be important."

Ryans' philosophy of focusing on player development and not dwelling on mistakes is a positive one. It shows that he is confident in his players and that he believes they can learn from their mistakes and improve. The Texans are a young team, so it will be important for them to be resilient and learn from their mistakes as they go through the season.

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