CMC: Cooks, Mills, Collins

Written by Donald Tolbert

It's been a theme at the Texans press conferences from players to coaches, you hear them talk about stacking good days on top of one another. It's hard not to notice as a team the good days are piling up for the Texans. 

Day 7 and the observations are getting repetitive. Mills despite having his worse end zone series I've seen to date still seems crisp in the majority of his reads. His numbers last year went disregarded due to the dysfunction surrounding the Texans. This year the competitive nature of the Texans will give him the chance to elevate his stature among the NFL quarterbacks. 

There is no doubt that Cooks is the u questioned tone setter of this team. This man takes every rep of practice like it's the game winning play. He refused a trade last year and the Texans are lucky for it. His recovery methods should be studied and modeled by athletes. For him to be ready on game days the way he pushes his self in practice has me intrigued on how he recovers. 

I'm going to call my shot. The CMC music factory will make sweet noise around the League this year. The combination of Cooks Mills and Collins will be a highlight reel waiting to roll. And once it's rolling it will be one that's hard to stop. This won't be a Bengals type turn around but the Texans are in the right path. Just keep stacking my friends. 

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