What's next for the Texans?


Written by B. Keith Crear III | SFL Photo-Journalist

The Texans recorded yet another disappointing loss against division rival, the Indianapolis Colts. Another goose egg of a loss, 0-31 at home in NRG. To be honest, one begins to wonder what is next for the organization. I mean, horrible record, low player moral, empty seats in the stands, and no playoff contention. 

I don't know if many remember how the Oilers era ended before the big move to Tennessee, but it went oddly similar. Paper bags being worn by fans messages to the front office has become the norm at NRG.  So much so, that a fan was kicked out the stadium for his banner message to the owner. 

Fan support seems to diminish EACH game with looming halo of a rebuilding team. I don't think that the city has any more left in her to handle another 5-10yr rebuild. Who will the team build around?  Tyrod? Davis Mills? It seems there is no direction for the squad and fans would have to wait till next season to see what is on the horizon for the Texans. 

I will say this,  if you have never attended a Texans game, I advise for you to do so now since the tickets are super cheap. Get acclimated to the game and have fun. It's the perfect time. Take advantage of the affordable lower level field seats.

As of now, the parading of the bulls has been caged. 

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