Sha'Carri Richardson is set to miss the Olympics


Sha'Carri Richardson is set to miss the Olympics after testing positive for a prohibited substance during the US Olympic Trials. The announcement comes four weeks before the start of the July 23 to August 8 showpiece in Tokyo. 

As a result of the adverse analytical finding from tests that were conducted during the US Olympic Trials, Richardson could be suspended for one to three months. A recent drug test showed that the 21-year-old had traces of the marijuana in her sample, according to anonymous sources. Renaldo Nehemiah, Richardson's agent, did not respond to several calls, emails, and text messages. 

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has classified marijuana as a 'Substance of Abuse' since January 1, 2021, and it currently carries a four-year maximum ban. Although it classified as a "performance enhancement" drug, it is far from such.

Nevertheless, if an athlete proves that the drug was used outside of competition and there was no benefit to sports performance, the ban can be reduced to three months without further consideration of the degree of fault.  In addition, WADA stipulates that the athlete's ban can be reduced by a further month if he/she is willing to participate in an approved treatment program in conjunction with the athlete's national anti-doping agency. 

If a drug is taken in competition, but the athlete can prove it had no relation to performance, a two-year ban will be given since the infringement will be considered non-intentional.

Following her time of 10.72 seconds in April, Richardson was expected to contend for a gold medal in the 100m. It was Richardson's fifth sub-11 second time in 2015.During the 100m at the US Olympic Trials on June 19, she ran a time of 10.86. A provisional disqualification has been issued for this performance.

On Thursday evening, Richardson's official Twitter account posted "I am human.".  

As it stands, Fourth-place finisher Jenna Prandini will replace Richardson in the 100m at the Olympics, while fifth-place finisher Gabby Thomas has also been entered. The result of Richardson's success at the US Trials and her strong personality, several US celebrities have admired her, such as former First Lady Michelle Obama and actress Viola Davis. 

Although she did break the rules, The WADA needs to re-evaluate it's list, as Cannabis, CBD, THC, Marijuana has become legal in more states and countries and is not a performance enhancement substance.

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