Ramos Discusses Match Draw in Post Game Interview

Coach what was thought of tonight's game?

 “I think we did exactly what we wanted to do, which was to take possession away from them. Dallas is a team that usually has possession every game, and we wanted to make sure that we were the ones dictating the game. Overall, I have to say I’m happy with the team. There wasn’t much more I could ask from them. They made an incredible effort today – I’m happy with that. Unfortunately, we couldn’t make a goal. We had the shots and we created the chances, but the ball didn’t go in. That’s the way it goes.”


What did you think of Christian Ramirez’s(FW) performance tonight?

“Yeah, for Christian, we had him on all along. Mauro [Manotas] was doubtful until the last minute, but we had already been competing with Christian for two weeks. He was ready to go. You have to remember Christian hasn’t played a game in about 10 months. It’s a long time. I think they did a good job and made a great effort. You could tell he was running out of gas in the end, but overall he did a good job.”


How did you feel about the draw for tonight?

“I’m not okay with the result – sometimes you can’t control the result. I’m okay with the effort and I think the team was ready to play. I think they took the game from Dallas for basically 90 minutes. Unfortunately, we didn’t get the result – I’m not happy with that. We want to get a win. It would’ve put us ahead of Dallas and likely ahead of Vancouver as well. We couldn’t get it done and I’m disappointed with the result more than anything else.”


What was your [Ramos] thought process of using one substitution throughout the game?

“I felt the team was doing well. The only ones I was really a little bit concerned about were Darwin [Cerén] and Memo [Rodriguez], but they both signaled to me that they were in good shape and they could finish off. I felt there was no need to change the team if the team was doing well. It seemed like a goal was going to come any minute. I did take Christian [Ramirez] off because I felt putting Alberth [Elis] at the nine would shake things up a little bit. Tomas Martinez then could come in and create things on his own, but other than that I didn’t want to change too much. I like the way this team is playing.”                                                                   


Was it  hard to implement a strategic gameplan and style with this team with everything else happening in the world?

 “No, I think if I say that it would be like making an excuse. I think we’ve had enough time. Again, I liked the way the team looked today. I liked how organized the team was defensively, so we solved some issues there. Attacking wise, we spread the field and made Dallas work for 90 minutes, chasing the ball. I felt that we were in a good spot.”


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