XFL Suspends Operatons.

Written by B. Keith Crear III 

The XFL suspended operations Friday morning and laid off nearly all of its staff. As a handful of executives remain employed, the league currently has no plans to return in 2021. The league canceled its season last month after five games as part of a nationwide shutdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, pledging to return next year, and NOW the XFL fans are hit with an unexpecgted uppercut. Does this sound familiar? Yes , it does. 

In 2019, The Alliance of American Football hit cites across the US and promised Spring Football and shutdown unexpectedly after 9 games. Players were not paid, stadiums and fans were left holding on to expenses. Money woes and a lack of a gameplan set the league up to fail and be unsuccessful.

Even though the Coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic was the start of this, it still leaves some Spring Football fans broken-hearted, including myself. 

As a Roughneck fan, to see the new Houston team go 5-0 with the high caliber preformance that had them on track to the championship game in lieu of the city's NFL counterpart, fans were excited for the 2020 season.  The turnout at TDECU stadium with ambitious and excited fans was a site to see. 

With the speculative start of the NFL season (post COVID-19) coming up, one has to wonder what will happen next. This all feels so dejavu.  

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