This Could Be Us But Bill O'Brien Is The Coach

Written by: Donald Tolbert | SFL Sports Blogger

That sums up the sentiment for this season for me. The thing Cal McNair has to worry about is
who else shares this sentiment with me.

I've waited a week to write to try to get my raw emotions out of it. Unfortunately, that didn't work.
So here it is. I'm sure Cal doesn't give a shit about my opinion. In his position I wouldn't. But
he has to wonder and worry about his players in the locker sharing the same sentiment as the
title of this article. Its showed. How many times when watching the Texans you see the players
looking like this shit ain't working? Too often they look like shit dont make sense to them or they
tired of doing it.

Most fans that watch the game will attribute most losses to Bill O'Brien being out coached.
My thought process is the coach is supposed to find a weakness to exploit it. On both sides of
the ball. It seems Bill O'Brien can never find it or isn't able to scheme to exploit it. It's either his
system works or it doesn't situation. If that's the case there will always be limits to the Texans
success under his tenure.

The Houston fans won't continue to blindly support mediocrity. The tickets will continue to be
sold but the parking lot will be the main attraction. The paper bags will come out along with
signs that dis associate with the product. No bullshit this loss was a deep blow to Houston
fans. We have seen this to many times before. Fuck the history and all the parallels to the Bill's
comeback. Fuck the choke city shit. That had nothing to do with this team. This team had a
chance to play the AFC Championship game at home this week against a coach that's only in
there second year as a head coach. And they fucked it off. So when you go to looking at the
reasons why? You tell me where you start?. Exactly!!

This Houston sports stigma shit is dead!! Either do better or get the fuck on period. Quit pissing on
our legs and saying its raining. We know what a winner looks like. We been watching others win
for quite some time and we want one. So Cal say what you like and do what you feel. Houston is
watching and knows what real. Houston we have a problem!!

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