Saturday Nights Lights

Written by: Donald Tolbert | SFL Sports Blogger 

The Dynamo had a shot under the lights to knock off the number three team in the conference. It
appears the lights were too bright this Saturday.

The energy in the stadium was great. From the El Battallon, to the fans, even the Fitmax dancers
did their thing at halftime. The community feel in this stadium is second to none. The Orangemen
energy was on point as well. With 9 shots and 5 of those on target. They brought the pressure to
the Sounders. Specifically Manotas with his attempts in the first half.

The energy never faded. The issue ended up being too much of that energy being spent on
defense. They gave the Sounders too many chances to figure out what they were doing in
the second half. In the 58th min the Sounders broke the code, and got the score that would
eventually be enough to win the game.

The effort from the Orange was sound, just not that sweet music of victory that was needed.
Its been helicopter of a week for the Orange. Houston's beloved James Harden joined the
ownership group adding his boundless brand to the team. To a cutthroat thriller with Club
America to remember. Then tonights loss to the number 3 team in the conference with a chance
to make a playoff push in the balance. It's time to breathe easy and await Chicago arrival into the
Orange heat pitch.

#ForeverOrange #OrangeRagers

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