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Written by: Donald Tolbert | SFL Sports Blogger 

The Houston Rockets a 50+ win team has just rebuilt without rebuilding right in front of our
faces. Love it or hate it, there's no denying Westbrook brings a totally different dynamic to this

First off let me atone for my slander of Russell over the past few years. My slander has been in a
competitive method to distinguish the difference between the greatness Harden has displayed
and that of the numbers Westbrook was putting up. It was never an attempt to declare that this
cat was not ice cold with the pill in his hand. It was more of an apples to oranges type situation.

The Rocket's basically rebuilt in Harden's prime without sacrificing one season in the NBA
basement. S/O to Daryl Morey. No one thought he would be able to get from under Chris Paul's
contract, let alone grab a legit MVP caliber player in the process. To that point. That's exactly
what the Rockets have added. An MVP caliber player along side the player who was the MVP 1
season ago. They didnt sacrifice any talent. They upgraded the talent on a team that was 1 game
away from the finals. Simply by trading the second best player for a better second best player.

That's my summation of the trade. Show me the argument for Paul being a better player than
Westbrook at this point in their careers. It does not exist. Westbrook is the pace element the
Rockets needed. That's his game naturally. Layups, free throws, and three pointers. That's our
offensive gameplan. He is elite at getting 2 of those 3 types of shots. He is also an elite passer,
and we have snipers on deck. The players roles will not change one bit making the adjustment
minimal. This also will give Harden a legit opportunity to play off the ball. It's all positives in my
view on paper.

Harden and Westbrook will have to put the work in to make it work. Just as Harden and Paul
had to put the work in. It seems as the latter combo felt it couldn't work out. I am a Chris Paul
fan. I believed the Rockets were still contenders this year bringing the squad back as it was
constructed with a few additions as Morey is known to do. This move puts right back in your
face the class of GM that Morey is. This was like taking your car back to the dealership 2 years
later and they swap it out for the newest model for no additional charge. Yeah I know far fetched,
but that's what just popped off. So there will be some new bells and whistles to get used to
Rockets fans, but you can still expect the same high quality performance.

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