Slow Steady & Pounce

Photo credit KA Sports Photos from Hanover, MD, USACC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons 

Written by: Donald Tolbert | SFL Sports Blogger

Tiger started the day two shots off the lead. After a pedestrian front 9, it was the 12th hole where the slow and steady turned into strike and strike again. Malinori's ball found the water and turned into a double bogey. That was all the opening that Tiger needed.

 He took the lead on the 12th hole, and from that point on it was pure determination. Others playing ahead would briefly tie him for the lead. But, it was stroke after stroke of precision golf shots. Tiger was not be denied. There was a sense on the course and even the broadcast that Tiger was not letting go of the lead, and he proved it so. This victory though is not just about winning. It's a testament to belief in ones self, hard work, and picking yourself after a fall.

The embrace between him and his kids was humanizing. As parents we all hope to be able to share and have our children benefit from our successes in life. All the talk they have heard about their father throughout their lives turned into actions that they will never forget. They were able to experience the joy and magic their father has brought to this game and so many people.

Tiger took golf to heights never seen before, and at his lowest it seemed the game turned it's back on him. Today again he proved himself worthy, a master, and a champion. Last modified:

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