That's Game Lil Bih

Written by: Donald Tolbert | SFL Sports Blogger

It doesn't matter who's out who's questionable, we came to ball. The Golden State Warriors found that out the hard way. Or should I say the Harden way. This one could've easily been chalked up to a L due to being out manned and out gunned.

Even a hey we pushed the defending champs to OT on their home court and just fell short L would have been understandable. Naw slick. What we got was the MVP in ya'll keep whining and I'm going to show you mode. The highlight will spotlight another 40pt triple double, which is a story all it's own. That doesn't give the gravity due to clutch shot after clutch shot the points entailed.

Then you could argue the most underrated and important part to his play is the no fear attitude James Harden is instilling in the new Rockets. They all walk into the arena every night with an assassin in plain sight and they know it. This will pay huge dividends when they get into the games that count for it all towards the mission.

So all you front runner loving Warriors fans, check the scoreboard. That's game Lil bih! Now on to these Trailblazers!!

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