NFL Play-Offs Round 2, Who You Wit?

Written by: Keith "Grizz" Crear | SFL Photographer/Sports Blogger 

We saw what happened in the Wildcard Playoffs last week. Upset City. There was a shutout in Houston. We witnessed  a Kicker play with iced cleats and we also saw a bird get clipped in Dallas. If that don’t tell you that ANYTHING can happen this week for round 2 of the playoffs, I don’t know what will. 

Saturday: Jan.12th 2019

First to kick-off the weekend are the Colts vs the Chiefs. As much as the Texans hate these 2 teams, its nothing more than watching two of your worst enemies go at it. Since the induction the offensive line the Colts have built for Andrew, Luck has been very successful this year. That OLine is amazing. It will definitely be a shoot out with Mahomes for the second round win this weekend. The Chiefs will be without defensive player Eric Berry due to his achilles injury he suffered in week 16. This may give Luck a little breathing room on the pass, but not much as the Chiefs are aggressive defensively.

Next up is the Cowboys vs the Rams. Last week Dem Boys played their heart out and kept Russel Wilson and the Seahawks on their toes. The Cowboys did not backdown to the Seahawks last week and won the Wildcard. This week, they will face-off against the Rams and it won’t be that easy. The Rams are definitely going to put pressure on Dak early on in the game. Rams backs, Gurley and Anderson are going to run like a "suped up" 18-wheeler with no breaks. Elliott will need to get the Super Mario Brothers Star Power while Prescott will need to make sure he stays laser focused on his receivers to deliver accurately center mass if they plan on taking the “W’ this week. 

Sunday: Jan. 13th 2019

To start off your Sunday, The Patriots vs The Chargers take over your televisions. After enjoying a first-round bye, the Patriots open the playoffs against the L.A. Chargers, the AFC’s fifth-seeded team. Expect a slow game with this match up. Watching Brady vs Rivers will be as entertaining as watching grass grow. This game will be a close one. The Brady era is slowing fizzing away and it could be a “L” for the Patriots if they are not careful on Sunday with Chargers receivers. I think Brady needs to focus more attention to Dwayne Allen, due to the year Gronk has had with his back and ankle injuries. 

Lastly this week,  The #1 New Orleans come off a playoff bi-week to take on the Eagles in the Superdome. This should be an easy game for the Saints. They have the advantage of an injured Eagles team with the combination of home field placement. the intensity in the Mercedes Benz Superdome is on HIGH……EVERY GAME.
The Eagles are going to have to get ahead of the Saints early if they plan on winning. Expect Drew and Payton run the up the scoreboard. Cam Jorden is going to be a total problem for the Eagles offense.

So who you got this week? My picks are, Colts, Cowboys, Patriots, and Saints

Lets see what unfolds for round 2. 

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