Expansion No More!

Written by: Donald Tolbert | SFL Sports Blogger

With the second pre-season game slated for today's night cap. It is glaringly evident that the Houston Texans franchise has turned a corner.

Long gone are the days when we watched every player on the training camp roster, wondering if he would be the NFL's next or the Texans first diamond in the rough. The days when the training camp roster sheet was a must have so you could highlight the the jewels you uncovered. You know if the GM was going to have you submit it at the end of camp.

No no those days are in the rear-view on the other side of the roads bend. This team is stocked with not only legit players, but legit superstars. Not just one or two! We are talking at every level (OL work in progress). Players that opposing players lose sleep preparing for, that try to emulate, respect and root for on off days. I dont have to say their names because you know them. Solidified veterans, young phenoms , a Honey Badger and an Octo-Hop.

This franchise has turned a corner. As we watch tonight we know it's only a handful of spots up for grab on this roster. We are settled with the fact of not looking forward to the first string anything. This is not a hope situation. This team has real expectations just as its fan base does. So we will enjoy this pit stop tonight in route to the horizon ahead that is this season.


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