Big 3 Season 2 Kick-off in Houston

Over the weekend, Houston extended hospitality to Ice Cube's Big3 season 2 kickoff. It was a massive sold out event. A nice way to start season 2. The whole city showed up to support Cube. For thos who dont know, the Big 3 is professional league that holds previous NBA players on a 3 on 3 black styled game play. When we talked to Cube, he said that " Season was was a pilot that lead to a successful season which got the broadcast contract of FS1 of Fox Sports"

If you havent attended a game, try to attend one in or around your area. Its gets real intense. The city tour is limited as of now but I do expect that to open up as the league plans to grow. I judging by the season 2 opener in Houston, it will DEFINITELY grow successfully.

One of the biggest highlights of the night was Nate Robinson making a memorable game-winning shot, and then, stealing Rashad McCants’ Joker mask from the bench, sparking a near-altercation between the two on the court. 

The league has some pretty dope retired NBA players and coaches such as Mahmoud Adbul-Rauf, Metta World Peace, Charles Oakley, Julius Irving, Gary Payton, Steve Jackson, and Houston's own Rashard Lewis. I mean the game play is the same except t

he team that scores 50points first wins and there are 3 games a night. It kind of has the same premise of blacktop basketball tournament. 

If you missed this previous week's action, you can check out live coverage on Fox Sports 1 EVERY Friday.

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