Texans Defeat Browns in Wildcard blowout win, 45-14

Written by: Donald Tolbert, SFL Writer | Photo credit: Brian Barefield

To everyone's surprise but their own the Houston Texans are back in the playoffs. Playing with house money and the baddest Gunslinger in Texas. What a ride this season has been. The sweetest part about it is it's all just the beginning of a bright future for Houston's favorite franchise. That's another discussion. 

The Texans went into Indy with it all on the line and showed out on national TV. From the first play of the game. The NFL was put on notice. We came to play but we weren't playing. CJ Stroud is the type of QB that makes Bill Belichick list, not just based on skills but also the ability to be coached. In regards to Stroud, not to mention the type of high quality human being he is. 

Many will give the Texans no chance, but if you have watched this team you know they are licking their chops, ready to get to this opportunity. This Texans team is fearless and they believe in what their doing. That's a dangerous combination this time of year. The defense is underrated in my opinion. There have been situations where they have dominated this season. Despite the explosive plays allowed. They have more bend then break especially in crucial moments. 

The fans deserved this game. The Texans destroyed the Cleveland Browns, 45-14 at home. The fan have stayed down through more then trying times. The swift sellout of the playoff game shows they have been skeptical, but this is still their team. This year's squad will experience peak H-TOWN fandom for the first time this year. This will be the sweet embrace they have been waiting for. I'm picking the Texans to win and let the dice roll where they may for the next round. 

With this playoff win, the Houston Texans are dancing and I'm digging their two-step! The pivot is official. This is not your papa's Texans. Whose next? GO TEXANS! 

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