Houston vs Whoever


Written by Donald Tolbert, SFL Writer | Photo credit: Brian Barefield

Yeah it's on in the city! We are now well beyond our wildest dreams for this season as Texans fans. The Texans have a game in the second week of the playoffs and it doesn't matter who or where they play. The expectation is to win and it's based on simply playing Houston Texans football. Yeah that's a thing now!!!! 

While this a season beyond dreams. CJ is the answer to a lot of Texans fans' hopes and prayers. He is the quarterback fans have longed for since the birth of this franchise. Faith and family first, but when it's time to ball, he balls out. He is fearless, and has embraced putting on for this city. More than just getting the right player with the pick. It feels like Houston got the quarterback they deserve. Those are two very different things. Those who have been down since day one understand. 

There is a professional standard that is required to be apart of this franchise now. They ask that you are willing to work hard to grow and improve. You must also hold yourself accountable to your brothers. It sounds simple, but it's not. The leader of the team has established those pillars in this city, team, franchise well before his arrival this off-season. That's how you know it's authentic. Thanks to Demeco Ryans the culture shift is real and complete. 

I fully expect the Ravens to be the next stripe on the Texans shoulder after this weekend. I know and respect who the Ravens are as a team plus what they have accomplished this season. I believe the Texans are built for these moments and the Ravens will be the first of many victims to come in these situations. There is a severe lack of awareness of what has 

changed with this team down here this year. The box scores don't tell the whole story. The Texans will get another opportunity to speak Saturday. See you there! Go Texans! 

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