Texans proving to be on schedule

Written by: Donald Tolbert | SFL Writer | Photo credit: Brian Barefield- SFL Staff 

Houston, TX (October 6, 2023)--The Texans are exactly who we thought they were! Lol. I'm glad I waited until week 4 to use that one. Feels great to not have panicked during the first 2 games and gave up hope, like what we saw since the arrival of Demeco was garbage. Truly it was hard. When Coach Meco hit the building, we knew we had a principled leader of men that at minimum knew how to run a defense. So in the first 2 games it was hard to hang onto the glimpses we saw in preseason while at the same time holding onto the tragedy of the past few years of this franchise. I couldn't let myself accept the fact that we were down the starting offensive line as an excuse. The fact the QB is a rookie wasn't enough to make me ease my expectations a lil bit. Those days were supposed to be over. It's supposed to be competitive football every week with the chance to win. Point blank period. 

Low and behold, just a few weeks was all it would take for the new expectations to materialize. On the road against a divisional opponent the new found resilience would show itself. The barbies of the division would find out we want all the smoke. This game also brought into perspective just how good CJ had been in the first 2 games. After his performance everyone took notice of the trends in his game. The poise, the precision, the vision. Up until that point it was hard to notice the consistency. It's amazing how winning can clear your clouded vision. 

Then the real opportunity presented itself. At home, JJ Watt enshrinement game, and the national hype behind the road performance. What would the Texans do? Exactly what the Texans fans hoped and thought they could do against the Steelers. Understand it's been quite some time since this team has done what they were expected to do in so many forms. Disappointment is a side effect that comes with being a Houston Sports fan of any team in the city not just the football team. So to believe it and then to see it come to life was a whole different feeling this past Sunday. Total dominance was displayed. The Texans fans finally got a feeling they have so long deserved. That feeling being, we got it right. 

Weather it be the coaching, the quarterback, the front office acquisitions. It's on in the city. Everything about this team feels authentic. Down to the value of the fans appreciation and participation. We believed in CJ and Will. 

Go back and look at the draft party pics and video. We believed in Coach Meco. Go listen to the radio archives from the time the announcement of his hire was made. Now we have proof on Sundays. This team is right on schedule really ahead of schedule if you look at the injury adversity they have already overcome this season. You can see the belief this team has. You can see the confidence with a splash of humbleness they move with. There is also a togetherness that hasn't been present. Considering the turmoil that has surrounded this team, you have to be excited about our current state. 

This week will present a new challenge. How will you perform as frontrunners. The Texans are a better team then Atlanta with fans expectations to win. It's been a while since the Texans have been in that position. Cheers to the Texans staying ahead of schedule. GO TEXANS!

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