NFL sends University of Houston a cease-and-desist letter in regards to "Luv Ya Blue" uniforms


  Written by: MAi' Ghen Storm | Photo credit: Oscar Herrera-SFL Staff Photographer

To stop any further unauthorized use of the Oilers' trademarked "Luv Ya Blue" uniforms, the NFL's merchandising and licensing division has sent a cease-and-desist letter to the University of Houston. 

UH was careful not to use any references to the Oilers or "Luv Ya Blue".This was a nostalgic moment for the school, paying homage to an era of Houston's football history and recognizing the city's connection to light blue that was a recognizable fixture for years in its police force. 

UH was threatened with legal action if it did not immediately stop what the NFL called "blatant copying" of the Oilers-inspired throwback jerseys. Further, it demanded the university discontinue all sales of Columbia blue with red stripes merchandise, as well as any promotional campaigns and social media posts featuring that design. 

The NFL said “we did not consent to the Houston Cougars’ use of the uniform at issue or any similar designs.” “The Houston Cougars’ attempt to free ride on the popularity of the NFL and the club violates the intellectual property rights of the NFL and the (Tennessee) Titans,” attorney Bonnie L. Jarrett said. 

According to the NFL, the “Luv Ya Blue” logo is one of the most famous and valuable NFL trademarks. Even nearly three decades after the Oilers moved to Nashville, Tenn., after the 1996 season, the jersey has remained popular locally during the Bum Phillips-coached era. In an interview earlier this year, franchise owner Amy Adams Strunk said, "Oilers history is Titans history." 

In the foreseeable future an organization is going to have to create a new "light blue" color that will remedy this situation. This is ridiculous. The NFL and Tennessee Titans can't claim all the light blue colors as Columbia Blue. 

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