John Metchie III on coming back from battling cancer


Written by MAi' Ghen Storm | Photo credit: Brian Barefield

John Metchie III was diagnosed with acute promyelocytic leukemia (APL) in mid-July 2022, just a few months before he was due to start his rookie season with the Houston Texans.

APL is a rare form of blood cancer that requires aggressive treatment. Metchie underwent chemotherapy and radiation therapy, and he was declared cancer-free in December 2022.

Metchie is now back on the field with the Texans, and he is grateful for the second chance he has been given. He is also determined to help others who are battling cancer.

In an interview with reporters, Metchie shared some of the advice he has learned from his experience.

  • "The biggest thing I took away was just show up and fight," Metchie said. "We kind of understand and take for granted life and everything we have to do or get to do during a day, but then when it's taken away from you — whether you're young or old in the hospital — you kind of realize that people see clearly what's important to them and who's important to them, right? Their family, their life, regardless of what they were complaining about or what stresses you have, you realize that the biggest gift you have is your breath and your heartbeat."
  • "The biggest thing I took away is, regardless of age, size, where you came from, everybody had to wake up and fight every day. So, just keeping that and keeping that gratitude at the forefront of your mind for me will always be a good thing."

Metchie's story is an inspiration to us all. He is a reminder that no matter what challenges we face, we can overcome them if we never give up.

Metchie is also a role model for other cancer patients. He shows us that it is possible to live a full and happy life after cancer.

If you or someone you know is battling cancer, please remember Metchie's story. It is a story of hope, courage, and determination.

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