DeMeco Ryans on NFL cut day after preseason finale

Written by MAi' Ghen Storm | Photo credit: Brian Barefield

The NFL will make one big cut day at the end of the preseason this year, instead of staggering the releases as in years past. This is a change from last season, when teams made cuts once per week throughout the preseason.

The Texans will not have to make any final evaluations until after their exhibition finale at the New Orleans Saints on August 27. The NFL mandates all teams cut down to a 53-man roster on August 29.

DeMeco Ryans, the Texans' first-year head coach, explained why he believes the league is making this change.

"With the one big cut at the end of training camp, I think the thought process from the NFL is just to have more guys available for that last preseason game," Ryans said. "Because what you see happen is you make cuts and you end up in that last game, and a lot of guys are taxed because your starters are not playing that last preseason game, and you have a lot of guys who are playing offense, defense and all the special teams [snaps]. So making it one big cut allows you to have enough guys, a big enough roster."

Ryans said that having more bodies for the finale will help teams preserve contributors for different packages on offense and defense, while also giving special teams coaches peace of mind that their standouts have a lower chance of injury.

The change to one big cut day is a positive development for players, as it will give them more time to find a new team if they are released. It will also allow teams to get a better look at their players in the final preseason game, which can be helpful in making roster decisions.

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