QB Battle to be decided


Written by: MAi'Ghen Storm | Photo credit: Brian Barefield

The Houston Texans are still undecided on their starting quarterback

The Houston Texans have been rotating Davis Mills and C.J. Stroud at quarterback during training camp, and coach DeMeco Ryans said that the team will not name a starter until they are sure who the best option is.

"The quarterbacks will rotate as we did in the spring; nothing has changed there," Ryans said after practice on July 27. "When the time comes to declare someone as a starter, we'll do that when it's the right time for us."

Ryans said that the team is still evaluating both quarterbacks, and that he wants to make sure that the starter is the best fit for the offense.

"It'll be the best guy that I feel like is going to lead our team in the proper way, and that ultimately gives us the best opportunity to go out there and be as successful as we can be," Ryans said. "In Baltimore, I promise that we will have a quarterback out there."

In the first two days of practice, Stroud has had the advantage over Mills, but not by a wide enough margin to declare him the outright starter.

Stroud showed flashes of what he accomplished at Ohio State by throwing a variety of good passes on the second day, including an accurate sideline pass to Noah Brown. He placed the ball away from the defender, with enough room where Brown could stay in bounds long enough for a completed catch. But he also had some issues with timing and getting the ball out of his hands quickly, leading to passes being tipped by the defender.

Mills has been more consistent throughout camp, but he has not made any big plays. He has been able to complete most of his passes, but he has not been able to stretch the field or make the big plays that Stroud has made.

The Texans will continue to evaluate both quarterbacks throughout training camp, and they will likely make a decision on the starter before the start of the regular season. However, it is clear that the competition is still very much alive, and that the Texans are not sure who the best option is at quarterback.

What do you think? Who should be the Texans' starting quarterback?

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