History NOT Finished

Written by Donald Tolbert | SFL Journalist

The day of first in Houston has arrived. Today we got the first playoff game, the first home playoff game and..... 

To think the dash were a win away from having the road to the finals run through their home pitch. Yet to start the first hime playoff game in history we got a penalty kick in the 4th min and a deficit to overcome in order to win the first playoff game in team history. The defense left a lot to be desired early on both sides. In the 20th min Sophie Schmidt joined the scoring party. She caught one off the rebound of a corner and sent a laser through the back of the net to tie the game. 

The second half would see the dash execute at a higher level. It was evident they were not satisfied with just hosting a game. They were here to do damage. They had 11 shots on goal by the 60th min. Maria Sanchez would be the catalyst for the offensive action. In the end it wouldn't be enough. A score with seconds left in extra time would be the undoing of all the good will garnered by the franchise this season. The enthusiasm generated will not be in vain. This team has earned and deserves the fervirent following they have built. You definitely can see this is the beginning of a great ride not the end of one. Go Dash! Hold it up! 

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