Red Hat Day


Written By Donald Tolbert 

Not sure if it was the red hats or the work week, but the stands were packed today. I'm sure it was the work week!! There's no doubt the football feeling is back in Houston.

One observation is that Mills has definitely found the skin he is comfortable in. I am sure a solid structure by a respected football mind has contributed to it. Coach Smith praised his leadership after yesterdays practice. That will be essential to the Texans taking the next step in their rebuilding.

The red hats have been a breath of fresh air to Texan fans, who have been begging since the teams inception for a uniform upgrade. The players have been amped about them. I spotted media members posing for camera shots with them in hand as well, including myseIf being first in line.

The new era vibe continues around this team. Don't believe me ask your favorite media personality. They will tell you the same. Given the opportunity to watch them these first two days of practice the tag is well deserved. The leadership of the organization should be given credit for it as well. After the past few years it was not an easy task to accomplish and given the franchise history it probably wasn't expected. Hats off to the Texans and red hats on!

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