Montreal Blues


Written by Donald Tolbert

Out the gate you could tell this was going to be a horse race. A match that would be won based on stamina and execution. 

The Dynamo showed early they were up to the challenge. They matched Montreals aggressive push forward with precision defensive execution. Early in the 12th minute Sebastián scored a quick strike off a defensive turnover. Unfortunately, Clark would give the point right back on a PK because of a senseless mistake. Clark has got to step his game up. It seems he plays free when they Dynamo are behind and puts too much pressure on his self when he's needed to maintain a lead. Time after time he lets this team down. 

I know it's deflating for the squad. The early precision on defense turned to disgust after Clark gave up 2 goals by the 30th minute. 

Despite the offensive leveling the game the goalie position would again let down the Dynamo. It's been a consistent theme all year. The seeming inadequateness of the goalie position when mostly needed. 

There has to be a turning point for the Dynamo. The fans are behind this team and deserve to enjoy supporting a winner. Prior to the game I believe it was Fafa was quoted as saying they had to treat the remaining games like playoff games (me paraphrasing). This couldn't have been the effort he envisioned. 

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