Better and Better

Written by Donald Tolbert

The experience provided at TDECU stadium by the Houston Roughnecks elevates everytime they
take the field. Saturday was as good as it gets in professional sports.

After taking their show on the road and coming home still undefeated. The Roughnecks took
the field solidified as the hunted in the XFL. The Dragons were trying to salvage what was left
of their season. No better way than to put up a W against the best team in the XFL. Early on it
looked liked they had a legit chance to do so. With the stadium rocking they jumped out to an
early lead and caused the crowd deflating turnovers. They added 14pts before the Roughnecks
would challenge their quest to dethrone them. The law firm of Walker & Phillips added a new
client in Holley. The crime was the Billy White Shoes impersonation on the TD score, his alibi is
every other aspect of his game. He has been critical to the Roughnecks success in crucial down
and distance situations. He has become a staple of the offense on 3rd downs and extra point
conversions. Just when you thought this offense couldn't be more potent.

With everything level at the half. The fans had a chance to take a deep breath. That turned to
a gasp as the Dragons would come out and jump on the Roughnecks again putting them in a
position that they have not known much in their existence. Down 2 scores with a little over a
quarter to go. In true blue collar H-Town fashion the Roughnecks fans knew exactly what to
do. Fire up, get off ya ass and get to it. After a Butler TD run and Killa Phil TD reception, the
Roughnecks were back in a familiar place poised to add another victory to their record. Shout
out to the Roughnecks defense time after time in clutch moments they make the plays needed.
Sometimes they get lost in the shuffle of this high powered offensive machine the Roughnecks
have, but they definitely played their part in the success of this team.

The defense along with the Roughnecks fans made it hard to function at TDECU stadium. From
beginning to end they are fired and wired giving this team all it can in the form of energy. It is a
sight to see and experience to feel. Something is cooking off Scott St. besides Frenchy's. It just
might be some rings without the onion.

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