The Big After

Written by: Donald Tolbert | SFL Sports Blogger

This is new territory at the same time it's really not. It's been a while since we have had a
game day after a win against the Patriots. However, we are familiar with facing a should win
game after a big win game. Time and time again the Bill O'Brien Texans have fell short in these

The recent history was a scene set in Indianapolis. Their first game against the Colts post
Andrew Luck. Fresh off a win against the team that competed in the AFC championship game
the year before. The Texans had a chance to put the league and the AFC south on notice.
It ended up being a replay of the epic fails we have come accustomed to seeing in these

The thing about this version of this opportunity. The chance to elevate into elite status this
season is on the line. With a win and depending on how the other games shake out on Sunday,
the Texans came come out of this game with a first round bye and even home field throughout
the playoffs as a real possibility. Far fetched in the case of home field throughout but possible.
When the fans look this team that's what they see and believe. It's time to see that shit on the

There's no reason for the Texans to lose this game period. We all know one reason why they
can. This is the moment Bill O'Brien can show us the building isn't done. That there are greater
heights in store for his process. Or he will show us that with Bill O'Brien this is what you get
shakey flakey. All in I'm pulling for the former. The organization and the fans deserve it.

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