Division Champions....CHECK!!

Written by: Donald Tolbert | SFL Sports Blogger 

No doubt there have been peaks and potholes this season. But in order to get where the Texans fans expect this team to go, winning the division was the first box to check. This games against the Titans holds a lot of unknowns.

Who knows how many starters will play and how long they will play if they do. The Texans seeding is still unknown and pending the outcome of other games. What Texans team is going to show up in this first round home game is not known as well. Whether Bill O'Briens job depends on the outcome of the first round game is also unknown. Unless you ask Texans fans. Most think it should.

 This game against the Titans will serve as a moment to exhale before journeying into the part of the season that counts. The fans expectations are high for this Texans team regardless of the road to get to this point. I'm sure the teams expectations are also high. We all know it will depend on scheme and execution. Those two have been hit and miss this season. Nevertheless they have arrived to the dance with a shot. It's time to shoot your shot OB. The city of Houston is watching. No pressure.

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