Texans will be sporting new jerseys

The Texans announced a tweak to their jerseys for the 2019 season. The jerseys will be mostly the same, except the team's logo has been added to the back of the jerseys just above each player's name. The Texans unveiled the change with a Twitter video that includes a voiceover from Texans announcer and the team's Vice President of Broadcasting Marc Vandermeer:

"Before the Houston Texans ever played a single down. Before any players were on the roster. There was the logo. That unmistakable half-Battle Red, half-Deep Steel Blue bull head with a Liberty White star for an eye. It was the very first symbol of NFL football returning to Houston after five long years. The Texans logo represents not just the team that plays on Sundays, but the spirit of Texans everywhere. Bold, proud, strong, courageous. Being a Texan is something that people wear like a badge of honor. And we want to wear this logo proudly. Not just on the helmet, but on our backs, so that everyone can see that we are Texans.

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