15 to Go

Written by: Donald Tolbert | SFL Sports Blogger

This Rockets victory was telling for many reasons. The Rockets crossed off everything that was on the required check list. In the process Utah also acknowledged Harden's superiority.

 Now friends I just ask you to take a moment and ponder with me. When in NBA history have you seen a team give a player one side of the floor? Not try to stear or lead a player on direction. Just here please go that way you can have it. I dont recall a time. If you do please let me know. The Bucks tried it and got lucky because the three point shot wasnt falling that night.

 If there was any doubt that about the Rockets respecting the Jazz. That's dead. If there was any questions about the Rockets being focused. That's dead. If there was any hesitance to acknowledge who the best team is in this series. That's dead. The Rockets came to ball and it was good to see.

 All in all its ine of the 16 required to win a ring, but it counts. You can check it off. Just like the the Rockets checked off energy, defense, and focus on the list if requirements for the game tonight. This is not the 11-14 Rockets. The only resemblance is the uniforms. #Rednation #1of16 #GoRockets

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