NomSayin: Texans Defeat Titans for 8th Straight Win

Written by: Keith "Grizz" Crear | SFL Photographer/Sports Blogger

The Houston Texans defense TERRORIZED the Tennessee Titans last night with their  8th straight win, 34-17 at NRG Stadium. Aside from the Texans getting behind early on into a 0-10 deficit, the defense MASHED the Titans the whole night. 

 J.J. Watt ended the night with six tackles, two tackles for a loss, and a forced fumble against Mariota and the Tennessee Titans. The whole line was disruptive and cemented the Titans to 23 carries for about 105 yards. 

The Titans didnt get over 40 yards on the evening. Marcus Mariota was surprisingly efficient completing 22-of-23 for 303 yards and two touchdowns. However, the Texans defense held the line to get six sacks last night. Reserve defensive lineman Christian Covington had an amazing night with 2.5 sacks. 

Lets not talk about the offense, ohhhhhhhhh buddy. Deshaun Watson was able to get going offensively. The mobility and passing game last night from him was STELLAR. Even though he was double teamed, D.Hop still was able to get 5 catches and totaled out 74yrds while Demarius Thomas totaled 38yrds with 2 Touchdowns. 

Now, lets all throw the H’s up and give a big “NomTalkinbout” for Lamar Miller.  Miller clenched a place in NFL history with a 97-yard touchdown run in the first half. Dude looked like Speedy Gonzalez amped up on Sugar and Nitrous from a 98 Honda Civic.  Lamar Miller is the 4th player in NFL history with two 90+ yard TD runs for 2 different teams. By halftime, Miller had 148 yards rushing on six carries which average to about 25yrds a carry last night. Its always good to defeat a division rival, even better, “The Old Team” that once was the city’s team. 

Next up the Cleveland Browns. The Dog Pound doesn't stand a chance. Lets break out the kennels for December 2nd. 

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