Those Boots were made for walking Dallas

Written by: Keith "Grizz" Crear | SFL Photographer/Sports Blogger

Now that the fan mode has passed. Lets talk logistics of this game last night against the Texans and state rivals, the Dallas Cowboys. What potentially could have been a GREAT game against 2 rising QBs, turned out to be a little messy game play, good defense, and bad sideline play calling. 

Lets break it down. In the first half, we did see a lot mobility from Watson and it seemed that O’Brien took the handcuffs off to let Deshaun play. Despite new play calls, the O-line continued to break down early on after the snaps to have to make Watson run the ball aside of passing it. I like the kids’s heart because he took some big shots and sacrificed some bumps and bruises to “make the play”. 

One particular play to mentioned of this sacrifice was the goal line play late in the 2nd, Watson snapped for a QB keeper and took big hit from Jaylon Smith to hold them at the goal line. He has got to learn when to put on the speed boosters and when to slide. Those big hits he took resulted in some sideline attention to his leftside. but it did not stop hime from finding Coutee and Hopkins consistently through out the night. 

D.Hop, as usual, WAS..A..BEAST. I swear he has the BEST hands in the game of football. I mean he was catching unbelievable passes, breaking tackles, executing spins moves like his player setting were set to high on John Madden. The fire and passion that D.Hop possess along with his talent is bound to make him a Hall of Famer.  

Coutee will DEFINTELY be another force to deal with on the Texans offense. And it seems that Watson does like him as a target, which resulted in KeKe getting his first touchdown of the game early on. 

The Cowboys held the Texans to no TD conversion in the red-zone, which brings up the play calling from O’Brien majority of the night. One of the main things that stood out, was the shotgun formation that was used within the 10yd line. At the end of the 2nd quarter before the half, the Texans decided to run a play versus kicking a field goal that would have put them up 13-6 as oppose to running a busted play and ending  the half at 10-6. The field goal possibility will become a missed opportunity to have won the game in the 4th because ultimately neither team could convert any points in the end of the 4th with both having a 13-13 score to lead into OT.

With a few good defensive plays by Watt, Clowney and Jackson, the defense seemed to be more in synced this game versus the previous 4. I don’t know if was the adrenaline rush of the rivalry but the defense was looking extremely good. 
One of the most productive last night was Tyran Mathieu. He shut down a few plays from the backfield to hold Dallas to a few crucial 3 and outs. 

Even though the WIN was by a 3 points, it still is a win. Despite missing his first FG kick earlier in the game, Ka’imi Fairbairn made the game winning 3pt FG to win the game in OT for the Texans after D.Hop’s amazing catch and gain. 

With this being the 2nd overtime game play in a row, lets hope that this doesn’t become the norm for the road ahead. 

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