Its Bigger Than Today

Written by: Donald Tolbert | SFL Sports Blogger

Say man! The Texans have mine and many of their fans sanity in their hands today!! You could've asked any fan at the beginning of the season if we were only going to have 1 win this year who would it be against, and the answer would been the game played against these Crybrauds tonight.

 I've heard alot of talk about how this game is just another game for the fans in Dallas, TX. That's cool nobody cares what the people of Dallas thinks. What they are not getting is the fact that we have to deal with Crybrauds fans right here in Houston. Those are the ones that we want to swallow this azz whoopin. This is about me being able to enjoy my lunch in the breakroom the rest of the season regardless of how the season pans out for either team.

We all know how Crybrauds fans love to talk about the past. The Texans have dug themselves a ditch to start the season. A win today still leaves the long term goals set in question. It does provide the Texans fans with a much needed shut yo azz up card to be played in TX professional football conversation for the rest of the season. To Bill O'Brien and the squad I say go out there and deal baby. P.S. There was a tinge of bias in writing this article.

 Go Texans smash a Crybraud! Last

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