Ahead of Schedule: Texans vs Titans

Written by Donald Tolbert, SFL Staff Writer

Congrats to the Texans. With 2 games left in the season they control their own destiny with a shot to get into the playoffs. Regardless of the outcome, the Texans have exceeded the expectations that were established prior to the start of the season. Argue with ya momma. They are ahead of schedule. This franchises entire history says this type of year was not on the bingo card. I respect the anything is possible fan. You didn't take it off the board, but you damn sho ain't call it. The personal choices, the coaches, the production. 

We have seen less with more. The shift is real. Just like the opportunity that presents itself for the Texans on Sunday. The Texans are a better team. They should win this game. Based on the product the Texans have displayed this season. It will still be a disappointment if they loose. The fact they have over exceeded what we thought we have still seen what we have seen from this team. We wont even add the disrespect the Titans showed a few weeks ago with their on field attire to the fire as fuel. A loss is unacceptable. We have difference makers at coach and quarterback and I expect to see just that on Sunday. 

 What a time to be a Texans fan. This season is the beginning of spectacular ride up under the new regime. I expect to see a lot of elite things from this franchise going forward. Yeah we weren't supposed to be here, but we are. It's time to make our presence felt! Go Texans!

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